the experience of dying alive

by Sheezahee

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released February 3, 2016

all songs composed , performed , recorded and mixed by Sheezahee in the middle of the year 2015
Painting by Christiane Schneider

master by Romain Raffini

Sheezahee is Herr Geisha is Boris Cassone is Sheezahee



all rights reserved


Sheezahee Lyon, France

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Track Name: The experience of dying alive
laying in the dark light
soft and warm cocoon
ceiling is fading
my eyes are wide closed

seeing shapes through the eyelids
slowing down the pace
blood moves weird inside
feel the bones breathing

leave it all behind
you don't belong here
tell me you're dying
friendly creatures
sent my body an impulse
it doesn't respond

such a simple fact
don't feel sad at all
noises sound lower and further
clear mind , pure relief
i'm light , i'm in light
i'm the air in your cells
feeding you with white thoughts
on the way back to infinity
follow the path through the door
you're free now
Track Name: Gung ho
you eyesore
gap minded fool
gambling on heartbreakers
rot and moisture kisser
gung ho gunner
you're going overdrive now
break your own rules

saphead , ratbag
you're so fucking satisfied

wish i was that cold blooded
wish my heart was violet
fill your hand
purge your mouth
elude beauty again
drag it all down
their clitoral clinch
eradicate grace
sad fuzzy gainer

saphead , ratbag
you're so fucking satisfied
Track Name: Sun-snow
give you silence
deep as a mind
keep the distance
heart is blind

don't feel nothing
don't have a soul
as long as i'm talking
keep your blood cold

i'm not growing up
just playing a part
fucking all up
from the end to the start
lying and cheating
what's wrong with me ?
you know i come and go

fucking all up
from the end to the start
lying and cheating
what's wrong with me ?
you know
you're fast , i'm slow
you're the sun , i'm the snow
Track Name: Sheezahee
won't miss it all
the sky that grows dark
the voice of this brainless mob
one single fake face for seven billion souls
with the same hole cut-off mouth
what a shame
oh boredom
the sun freezes me
your laugh makes my ears bleed
won't miss it all the sky that grows dark
the smell of this putrefied world
Track Name: Pure
pain has always been my best friend
light barely reaches my eyes
breathe in the correct amount of air
and it doesn't seem to end so far
in earnest we're fucked , she said
as her iris catches a glimpse
and she vanishes in a swish
inside , outside , the wind keeps on blowing
to be dead is to be
it dreamt some tasty poisons
on the path some stones blinked at me
affraid to rebounce on the mirror of mind
everything that's beauty signs and dies
a shiver in the hips
my face decomposes
the whole body is tumbling down
quietly something surrenders that was fighting before
we soon walk the way back
the sun goes down again
crushing our shadows on the darkened earth
the evening is there , let's ride
dance of death is over , let's succomb
even faith is hopeless
even god is ashamed
walrus fail , hundreds on dry shorelines
two and two will always lead to acquittal
we learn not to kill ourselves is a foolish project
well then let's get it over
Track Name: Fucking wizard
can you delete
can you cancel
can you croos out your life ?
with which sharpened blade
will you re write the tune
straight in your empty veins ?

am i freaking out ? or am i just fucked up ?
well i'm fucked up

am i such a shade
i weigh like a whale
floating into deep water
do you think of me
when you wash your hair ?
is your blood still dancing with mine ?
Track Name: Snooze
eat this shame
drink those acids
i'm not here
my ego 's bruised i don't care
everything's dying now

everything that lives was dead
your eyes of glass can see

insomnia's plaything
we pleased succubas
smashed our dreams on concrete
and walked the wrong paths
a guilt that kills the weak